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    Grażyna Czeczot – Bicka

    President of the Board

    Franciszek Buchta

    Head of Katowice Office


    The potential of EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. is constituted by the experienced staff of managers and specialists in the power sector. As part of personnel policy, we emphasise long-term employment and we treat our employees as strategical resources of our organisation which must be invested in. We wish to build the employees’ involvement in the company life. The development of individual competences and a feeling of involvement and realistic influence of employees on our activities creates a sense of belonging to and identification with the company and it facilitates the development of the entire enterprise. We underline the following assets: communication, loyalty, involvement and collaboration of all the employees. Therefore, we create convenient working conditions for our employees, a friendly and open atmosphere, an opportunity to acquire new and improve the existing abilities and skills, as well as a possibility to demonstrate your own initiative and resourcefulness. We offer competitive remuneration whose level is correspondent with the type of work, skills and experience, and whose increase depends on the results and economic situation of the company. The professional knowledge of our employees is constantly supplemented through various training, seminaries and conferences.


    We encourage you to submit applications for one of the current job offers. If there are no current job offers, send your CV at emca.volt@emca.pl. We invite only selected candidates for interviews.

    Currently, there is no recruitment process.