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    EMCA VOLT Sp. z o.o.

    EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. was established as the daughter company of Energy Management and Conservation Agency S.A. (currently EMCA S.A.) and takes from its long-term experience and strong position on the power market in Poland. EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. offers a comprehensive scope of consulting, engineering and analytical services concerning projects connected with the power market functioning. It specialises in the comprehensive handling of investment projects referring to the power infrastructure of all the voltages, beginning with localisation concepts, feasibility studies, through required measurements and environmental tests, preparing end-to-end construction and detailed designs, technical consulting, activities within the scope of social communication (including supervision over the establishment of relationships with a local society and representing investors before public administration bodies), acquiring lands, designing, administrative and connection procedures, and finishing with obtaining construction permit, author’s and investor’s supervisions over construction and start-up and drawing-up as-built documentation. We conduct activities within designing, constructing new and rebuilding the existing substations and lines of all the voltages. We also offer preparing expert’s decisions concerning the functioning of the power market.

    EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. collaborates with all the entities of the power market in Poland. The partners of EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. include the operators of distribution and transmission networks, executive companies, investors of power facilities and industrial plants. EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. endeavours, on a continuous basis, to react to the growing demand for specialist engineering services. Therefore, we are not afraid of even the most ambitious and complex tasks and we take new challenges eagerly. Highly qualified engineering personnel and collaboration with various experts provides even the most demanding contracting parties with professional handling of contracts. Get to know our offer, potential and achievements.

    EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. belongs to EMCA S.A. capital group, which includes EMCA S.A.EMCA IT and Ośrodek Badań i Kontroli Środowiska Sp. z o.o.

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    The mission of EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. is to deliver professional services and integrated expert solutions to all power market participants in Poland and in Europe. The objectives of our company are achieved by means of the following values:

    • Innovations
    • Client focus
    • Devotion to the high quality of the services provided
    • Resourcefulness
    • Ethics and honesty
    • Responsibility
    • Punctuality

    Our company’s vision is the development of a modern power system created owing to the involvement of our top class specialists in the projects which are eco-friendly and based on modern technological solutions, implemented by EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o.