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    The services of EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. include:

    • Investment processes concerning the construction, reconstruction, collision with the existing infrastructure, modernisation of the facilities of the power infrastructure of all the voltages – a set of formal and legal as well as project issues and obtaining construction permit
    • Construction and detailed designs and as-built designs of power lines, substations and OZE
    • Maintenance and operation manuals of network facilities
    • Audits of the existing power lines and modernisation projects in order to increase the transmission capacity
    • Feasibility studies and analyses of the investment implementation possibilities
    • Preparing bidding documentation: Functional and Utility Programme (FUP) and Terms of Reference (TOR)
    • Development analyses and concepts of the development and modernisation of the power system at all voltage levels, with consideration of: conventional power industry, renewable energy resources, including dispersed and innovative sources of power technologies
    • Conceptual works within innovative power industry: applying innovative technologies, modern power warehouses, electric car, prosumer power industry, net metering, power industry digitalisation, power prices in real time, smart grid, etc.


    The investment processes of EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. include:

    • Work schedules
    • Localisation and environmental analyses, including preparing an environmental impact report and KIP
    • Conducting required environmental procedures
    • Devising idea schemata
    • Technical consulting, performing author’s supervision
    • Estimating investment costs, variant analyses
    • Implementing the investment in the planning documentation of communes: Conditions and Spatial Development Directions Study (CSDDS) and Municipal Plan of Spatial Development (MPSD)
    • Acquiring real estates for construction purposes and notarial establishment of transmission easement, together with administrative procedures under Art. 124 of the Act on Real Estate Management and court procedures, recognising and standardisation of the real estate legal status
    • Obtaining all necessary approvals and opinions
    • Conducting the procedures of construction permit: construction design, detailed design, investor’s cost estimation
    • Coordination and consulting within preparing connection agreements: obtaining connection conditions and negotiating agreement terms
    • Collaboration with subcontractors as part of delivering technologies, devices and materials
    • Handling the procedure of obtaining an occupancy certificate
    • Project optimisation in order to reduce investment costs.


    Expert’s opinions within the power grid development of EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o. includes:

    • Analyses of the improvement of the effectiveness of power system functioning
    • Expert’s opinions concerning the impact of the facilities being connected to the power grid, including power generation sources and receivers, on the operation of the power system
    • The concepts of the power industry development, including devising demands satisfaction plans within the scope of electricity, gas and heat
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of economic investment
    • Studies, concepts and analyses concerning the development of the power system
    • Feasibility analyses and preparing concession and tariff applications
    • Analyses of power distributions, voltage profiles, short-circuiting, local and global stability, determination and analysis of power supply discontinuity indices, optimisation of the power system operation, optimisation of the network structure, optimal power distribution, voltage optimisation, decreasing electricity losses, improvement of power supply discontinuity indices, etc.