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    Construction of 400 kV cable line, in CHP Wrocław – Pasikurowice substation line

    EMCA Volt Sp. z o. o. employees devised construction designs for the investment “Construction of 400 kV cable line, CHP Wrocław – Pasikurowice substation relation”. The Line will cover approximately 12 km. It will cross dolnośląskie voivodeship, including the following 3 communes: Długołęka, Wisznia Mała and Wrocław. The Line will be performed within its entire length in an underground cable 

    technology. It was designed for a cable section of 630 mm2. The Line will be used for power takeoff from the planned Thermal Power Plant to be built in Wrocław to the State Transmission System – Pasikurowice substation.

    The construction of a new Thermal Power Plant in a gas and steam technology will contribute to the achievements of the following goals:

    • increasing the power effectiveness and reducing CO2 emission specified in the European Union’s Climatic Package,
    • long-term support for the sustainable development of Wrocław and of the entire country,
    • satisfying a growing demand for electricity and heat in Wrocław and neighbouring communes at present and in the future,
    • improving the safety of supplying Wrocław Agglomeration with electricity – there will be no need for supplying high power amounts from the State Power System.

    Due to the fact that the construction of 400 kV cable line with such length is in our country an exception, there are no legal regulations for the definition of the impact of such a line on the existing surroundings, including the existing infrastructure. Therefore, EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o overcame a range of doubts and concerns of other entities owning infrastructures which the Line collides with. Among others, expert’s opinions were issued concerning the impact of the Line on cable lines 110 kV, MV and LV, expert’s opinions on the impact on railway lines, evaluation of the impact on the flood embankments under construction.

    EMCA Volt Sp. z o.o, apart from the above mentioned expert’s opinions and assessments of the impact of the Line on other facilities, performed the following:

    • construction design for the construction permit and filed applications for issuing construction permits,
    • obtaining all required sector arrangements,
    • obtaining rights to dispose real estates located within the Line for construction purposes.